Ruth García


Well hello there...
I am a gameplay developer, but I can make other things too (like UI, animations and a teeny-tiny bit of multiplayer and AI programming). I can also make 2D and 3D art and integrate it into Unity. I can also improvise sound effects.
Do you want to know more about my adventures on the laboral world? Check My LinkedIn Profile!, you can also add me on Facebook if you wanna be my friend :D

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This portfolio is under construction DX

The old site

Are you looking for a very “edgy” looking website? then you are going to love my old website! (otherwise… i am sorry for what you are about to see). Here I have some of my old games (everything is in spanish tho’)… aaahhh the good ol’ days when I used to code in Phaser. It has been like 3? 4? years since then. Now I use Unity, and I am doing a living by developing cool stuff using it!

edgy ol’ website


This is a cute litle game that means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Some hackathon-ey games

So… during May, there was this very hardcore hackathon hosted by Argentina Game Jam, where I joined forces with an awesome team. We didn’t know each other, but we ended up creating 4 awesome games in one month!

Do you wanna take a look? They are really awesome!

Zombie Movie Break

This is Zombie Movie Break, a doom-like game about shooting at zombies in order to almost-kill-them, and then healing them!

I’m not a BARMAN

In I’m not a BARMAN, you try to BE a barman (even tho’ you are clearly NOT a barman). It’s a 1st person job simulator, in which you mix drinks for your customers.

Mr Gudvoi

Mr. Gudvoi is a Good Boy that works in an office, he’s having a bad time trying to be a “good fit” for the company… you see, it’s hard for a doggo to make friends when smelling butts is a big no-no, but the main problem is that he can’t understand what hoomans say.


This game was elected winner on the 1-month very-hardcore hackathon hosted by Argentina Game Jam!

Glow is a top-to-down hack and slash game about moral decissions, where you play as a light creature, and you help him take decissions in order to unlock new places.

This month was a lot of fun (and a lot of hard work), we ended up with a ton of new games, and it was the first time that we worked together! even we were surprised with the results XD


Wanna see my CV? CV

Outdated Portfolio in pdf

The last year the ABV (Bolivian Videogame Association) gifted me a GDC scholarship! I was so excited, but then… covid happened :(

Anyway, I have an outdated portfolio that I made to apply to the scholarship! and here it is:

A very outdated portfolio

why is this under construction and very outdated?

that’s not very proffessional of you

I know :( I am sorry :’(

During 2020 I have had more work than ever! I am currently working for 3 companies as part-time, I’ve been working with a team of proffessionals, learning a lot about new technologies, polishing what I already knew about Unity, finding new things I didn’t knew about Unity… overall, having a lot of fun!

And I know that working 12 hours a day is a lot of work, but right now, with this pandemy, this is exactly what I need… after all… All I wanna do is become big game developer, and help others to build awesome games!

But this leaves me very short of time :(


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